Arbitrary: Based on or subject to individual judgment or preference.

Back-handed compliment: a statement made to someone that could be interpreted as an insult but because of the misunderstanding or inaccuracy of the statement is actually a compliment. For example I have always had very good teeth. When I was in my 20's a girl said to me in front of someone else "you've got false teeth".  I could have taken this as an insult because people only usually get false teeth when they are old. What she was actually saying was that my teeth looked so good that they looked like false teeth (which are made to look quite uniform). Most people's natural teeth are not uniform. My natural teeth were somewhat unusually uniform.

Chat up:  an act of talking flirtatiously to someone.

Factor A: That energy that a person has which is a person's life force. This seems to be the life energy that everybody has. It is the life energy by which we interact with members of the same sex. It is not a factor in being attracted to members of the opposite sex whereas Factor B is.  Somebody could have no Factor B at all and live quite successfully so long as they had Factor A. They would just not be able to do the things that people with Factor B can do and experience.

Factor B: That energy that a person has that enables a person to be attracted to a member of the opposite sex. The more Factor B a person has the more a person is attracted to a set stimulus from a member of the opposite sex. Thus all things being equal, if we had a scenario of say a female who was very attractive, in a room with two males and these two males had appreciably different amounts of  Factor B then the male with appreciably more Factor B would get appreciably more “turned on” by the female. This is purely based on initial visual appearance between the male and female before any verbal communication started. As soon as verbal communication starts, how much the males are attracted to that female could and quite often changes. Personality then becomes another factor. Of course this would be exactly the same if the roles were reversed and there was a very good looking male with two females in the room with each female having an appreciable different volume of  Factor B.

Hell for leather:   at full tilt, at full pelt.

Turned on:To become sexually excited by something (slang).


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