On this page I have made comments and observations about what I have seen and heard in my daily life which is relevant to this website but I strongly recommend that you read my Home Page first before reading these comments.

Recently I saw a program on British television called "First Dates" which was on Channel 4. The program features people having blind dates in a restaurant in London i.e. they have never met each other before and this is their first date. There were about 5 different “first-dates” featured in this program.  Most of the dates didn't seem to go very well. As I look at the people involved in these dates I wonder why their dates weren't going very well. One guy who was about 40 I believe, did not have a great deal of Factor B in my opinion. The date didn't end well as both parties said there was no connection and both said they didn't want a second date.  He then said at the end of his date to camera that it was the first ever date he had ever been on.

 Again recently on British television there was a "reality game show" called "Beauty and the Geek".  The theme of this show was that about 8 beauties (females) would pair up with 8 geeks (males) and then week by week a pair would be knocked out.  It was called a social experiment.

The "Geeks" were exceptionally intelligent males (IQ's around 160) in their early twenties, who were socially awkward when it came to women.  One chap although about 22 said he had never kissed a girl - I think he was an astrophysicist or something similar.  The girls on the other hand were of average intelligence, if that, but they were socially quite skilled in "having boyfriends".

These guys were definitely lacking in Factor B whereas the girls from observation had plenty of Factor B in comparison. The girls though, were noticeably very much less intelligent than the males. Although there seemed to be no "chemistry between the vast majority of "Geeks” and their partners I can think of one pairing which did seem to "click" and was working at a romantic level.

There is something else going on here in a person's personality which I have not mentioned so far on this website.  This is explained in the following paragraphs.

Apart from Factor A and Factor B there is another important side to a person's make-up or personality

If we say an average person has 1000 units of Factor A and 1000 units of Factor B then every time we have a physically painful incident or emotionally painful incident (e.g. anything from the death of a loved one to a minor upset with a work colleague) they are recorded in our mind for survival purposes. It is not only recorded but it actually traps or locks up some of the energy units (Factor A or Factor B).

Another way of looking at it would be to use the example of two beakers X and Y containing liquid and imagine that the liquid in the beakers represent 1000 units of Factor A in beaker X and 1000 units of Factor B in beaker Y for an individual. Every time that person experiences a moment of pain (physical or emotional)) it's like putting a little bit of dirt into that liquid.

As we grow older with more and more of these painful experiences we get more and more "dirt" in the energy that is Factors B and A. Thus as we get older we get "dirtier" to a greater or lesser degree. You can see it sometimes in people, they seem to get “harder” as they get older and you can sometimes see it in people’s faces.  I use the analogy of dirt in the beakers of liquid as it I think it makes it a bit clearer. You may have met yourself, people who appear "harder" than others and also met people who appear "lighter" than others .You can actually see it their faces sometimes either the "hardness" or "lightness".  There are also some people who are actually quite hard but prefer not to show it whilst others do not bother to hide it.

So the four major aspects of a person's make-up or personality are a) how much Factor A they have, b) how much Factor B they have and c) how much (percentage wise) of their volume of Factor B or A they have "dirtied" in the analogy of the liquid in the beaker. Or you could say how hard or light they are in terms of their percentage of Factor B or A which is "dirtied" or "trapped" and d) The person’s native intelligence.

So in the example of an average person with 1000 units of Factor A and   Factor B by the time the person is 20 he/she might have 200 units “dirtied” of each Factor A and Factor B, i.e they would have 20% of their Factor B and A “dirtied”  or in the beakers example 20% of the liquid would be "dirty".

Beauty and the Geek television program

So I now go back to the television program mentioned above called "Beauty and the Geek" and we look at the personnel involved in this program. Some observations can be made about the Beauties and the Geeks.

The Geeks

The Geeks are highly intelligent, have very little Factor B and are most likely to have a lot of their percentage of Factor B and A units encysted or trapped.

Let's take the situation of one of the couples which I will name as Geek M and Beauty M.

Say for example Geek M has 600 units of Factor A (and say arbitraryly 1000 is average) and only 100 units of  Factor B (again 1000 units is an arbitrary average) he would have a combined total of 700 units of Factor B and A. Let's say out of this total of  700 units of Factor B and A he has 550 units of Factor A encysted or “dirtied” with painful incidents in his life. He also has 50 units of Factor B encysted or “dirtied” with painful incidents in his life. So he would have a good percentage of his Factor B and A encysted or “dirtied”.  

Fig 1

Geek M

                             Factor A                        Factor B

Amount                600 units                       100 units

Encysted             550 units                       50 units


People who have a high percentage of their Factor B and A encysted or “dirtied” tend to be shy and awkward when it comes to initial communication with people. Geek M does not have two things which are needed to be a good communicator with women, a good volume of Factor B and a high percentage of purity of their natural volume of Factor B. If Geek M had 1000 units of Factor B as opposed to 100 units (as above) and say only 50 units (of the 1000) were encysted or “dirtied” he would be a different person than the person who had 100 units of Factor B and 50 units encysted. . He would be able to communicate a lot better with a female and get a lot more enjoyment out of the relationship. The more volume of Factor B a person has the more that person is attracted to members of the opposite sex. How “clean” that Factor B is another aspect of how effective a person would be at communicating with a member of the opposite sex

As mentioned above, I find the easiest way to think of volumes of Factor A and B is to  use the analogy of the beaker filled with liquid and the bad experiences in life (physical pain or painful emotion) as like putting dirt into that clear liquid.

As your energy (both Factor B and A) is "de-purified" by bad experiences it stops you from being your full potential. The recording of painful incidents either physical or emotional is a survival mechanism that can go wrong.  The recordings are made so that if you get into similar situations that approximate the situations of pain you have experienced in the past your "mind" will warn you that this is painful by turning on the amount of encysted Factor B and A that you have to basically say "beware". The more of the encysted Factor B and A that you have (created by bad experiences) the more your mind will tell you to"beware" when those situations are restimulated.  When you have too much encysted Factor B or A on any particular area of life it could reach the point of having a phobia about something e.g. heights, spiders, closed spaces, or people ( excessive shyness), etc.

It is in human nature that we prefer to be with people who have high volumes of Factor A and Factor B.  Factor B enables someone to be attracted to a member of the opposite sex. The more you have of Factor B the more you get 'turned on' by a given stimulus e.g. the sight of pretty girl if you are a man or vice versa if you are female.

The Beauties

Now let's look at the beauties from this television program.  Beauty M has two things going for her. She has 1000 units of Factor A and 1000 units of Factor B.  She also has a very low percentage of “dirtied” Factor B and A units. Say she has 200 units of her Factor B and 200 units of her Factor A “dirtied”.  So overall she only has a small percentage of her volume of Factor energies "dirtied". In fact it would be 200 divided by 1000 times 100 which is 20% for both Factor B and Factor A.  So only 20% of her volume of Factor B and A is "dirtied", On the other hand her partner Geek M has 550 divided by 600 multiplied by100 which is  over 91% of his Factor A "dirtied" or encysted, and 50 divided by 100 multiplied by 100 which is 50% of his Factor B "dirtied" or encysted,  She is a good initial communicator with males because she has a high volume of Factor B and it isn't encysted much.  She is not shy and she has a strong attraction to members of the opposite sex.

What the Geeks have going for them is they are highly intelligent.  When it came to the tasks that each pair of 'Beauty and Geek' were given to do, if it involved intellectual ability or knowledge the Geeks were streets ahead. What the Beauties had going for them was that they were socially more skilled.

This was the idea of the program to put two types of people together (who would not normally interact with each other) and see what happened.  The beauties in this program would never normally go out with a 'Geek'.  The Geeks would never normally get a relationship with the Beauties like they had in this program.

I have seen about three series of this program. On each program there would be about 10 couples. On average it would work out socially and romantically for one couple out of the 10. There was absolutely no chemistry at all in all the other couples.

The reason why there was no chemistry was most likely a combination of very little Factor B with the men (Geeks) plus their percentage of Factor B that was encysted (trapped, dirtied) was probably very high.

By way of conversation at a coffee session recently I mentioned my theory about "some people are not attracted to members of the opposite sex but do not become homosexual" and one of our group overhearing said that "her brother was like that".  Her brother would probably be about 70. He had never married and according to his sister had not shown much interest in women but was definitely not homosexual in the respect of he had never practised homosexual acts and to the best of her knowledge had never done anything homosexual and was not attracted to men.  


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